Corn Couture?
Ingeo Innovation Inspires

If you've never heard of Ingeo, you're probably not alone. But you may soon discover shirts made from corn.

A Kernel Of Faith And A Bushel Of Vision

That's right - Ingeo™ (a trademark of Natureworks LLC) is a man-made fiber made out of corn.

Using biotechnology, NatureWorks developed this innovative new fiber through a partnership with Cargill and Dow Chemical. The the raw materials for this eco fiber are made by fermenting sugar extracted from corn.

It is then turned into pellets that are converted into fabric and sold to makers of apparel. The fabric is designed to combine the advantages of natural materials with the performance of synthetic fiber. The result is a versatile fabric used for clothing, bedding, packaging and carpeting.

Fabric Benefits

  • good strength and resilience
  • natural comfort and drape
  • naturally insulating
  • moisture wicking

  • more breathable than polyester
  • provides odor control
  • color fast
  • wrinkle free and easy care
  • stain resistant
  • low pilling
  • doesn't shrink
  • resists odors
  • dries quickly
  • hypoallergenic
  • natural UV resistance
  • ideal for all climates
  • biodegradable

Garment Care

Wash in cold water using a mild detergent. Little drying time is required since garments almost spin dry in the washing machine.

Good news...corn fabric is wrinkle free, so it doesn't need ironing. That makes it perfect easy care fabric for travelers or those with an active lifestyle.

Environmental Consciousness

Ingeo is a significant development in the textile industry, being the first man made fiber from a sustainable resource instead of oil.

Natureworks prides itself on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and dependence on fossil fuel resources. The company reports that fiber production uses as much as 68% less energy which reduces dependence on foreign oil supply.

As for water consumption, much of the water used is recycled and/or goes through an on-site treatment plant.

As opposed to synthetics, this fiber is also biodegradeable and will break down to return to the earth naturally.

The Great Debate - Natural Fiber Or Not?

There are many viewpoints on whether or not Ingeo qualifies as a natural fiber or not. Critics of biotechnology have set off debates regarding the level of environmental friendliness.

While some consider any type of progress in the direction of environmental protection worth supporting, others may lean toward more purist ideals, and turn away from biotechnology.

In the end, it boils down to your personal opinion and degree of passion as a consumer.

Eco Fashion Designers

Producers, manufacturers and designers are implementing eco-alternatives to traditional clothing production.

Eco-conscious designers create appealing outfits while respecting the environment. By putting a modern twist on classics, our clothes are reborn. An increasing number of designers are utilizing this innovative fabric, and more and more clothing selections are appearing on the rack.

Care What You Wear...

Would you like to give corn clothing a try?

Corn Cardigan

The Outseam Cardigan and Pointelle Scarf
are made in Taiwan from a blend of corn and bamboo. As a bonus, these products are also fair trade and sweatshop free.

Few things are more comfy than a tee. This designer corn T-shirt is unique and trendy. Always looks fresh and never needs ironing.

Environmental Benefits

Sustainability without compromising the earth results from this 100% annually renewable resource.

Seeds of hope are planted with with every kernel. Efficiently produced corn crops benefit farmers economically because of the new end use. As well, the proteins, fibers, and oils that remain following the extraction of Ingeo fiber can be used for livestock feed.

By using sustainable fibers and fabrics, green fashion production positively impacts our planetary footprint.

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