Plant Fiber Clothing...A Natural Choice

It is quickly becoming more clear why we should support plant fiber clothing.

By choosing sustainable sources for our garments, can maintain "down to earth" harmony between people and planet.

This is your consumer guide for eco fashion originating from plant sources.

Although not all can be labeled as organic clothing, they all do make efforts to be environmentally friendly and healthy for humans.

In order to make your natural plant fiber clothing choices easier and stress-free, we have researched eco friendly clothing sources and want to share the best with you.

What you wear is a reflection of what you stand for...


Corn (Ingeo)


Organic Cotton

Organic Linen

Pineapple (pina)



Plant Fiber Revival

Today's world is increasingly environmentally conscious and natural clothing lifestyles are advancing. We are seeing more eco friendly clothing alternatives and the emergence of innovative fabrics.

Due to today's concerns regarding health, sustainability, waste management, and environmental awareness, there is a renewed interest in plant fibers.

The hunt is on for ecologically friendly fabrics. The movement toward trendy organic fashions and alternative fashions has led to the revival and revision of traditional fibers with natural and organic approaches.

New fibers are being developed which are valued for their sustainable and biodegradable characteristics.

It goes without saying that plant fibers used in eco clothing production reduce the drastic toll on our world forests.

Can Our Plants Keep Up?

It's no surprise that humans have an appetite for destruction. Human utilization is eternal and all-consuming.

So, can our plant supply keep up to the overwhelming demand?

Therein lies the importance of sustainability. By making imperative changes toward renewable resources, we will ease the burden on our planet and fulfill the needs of humanity without depleting our world of it's natural resources.

The Future Of Fashion

The future of fashion is changing radically.

All levels of clothing production are establishing eco-conscious values. Innovative methods of growing and manufacturing green clothing are constantly being developed.

In response to consumer environmental concerns, the fashion industry is paying attention. Going green in our closet is getting easier and more exciting.

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