Vegan Clothing Embraces Environmental Values

If you're not a vegan, then you might be wondering what vegan clothing is. Or, possibly you're confused about how to combine your eco-friendly and cruelty free values when you're shopping.

Hopefully, we can help...

Understanding What It Means To Be Vegan

People choose veganism for numerous reasons and most transition slowly into a vegan lifestyle. The main philosophy opposes the human exploitation of animals. Vegans have a respect for all living things and are very compassionate toward animals.

Secondly, the vegan perspective is to better our world by being conscious of human and environmental health. Strong convictions and priciples make this lifestyle both challenging and rewarding.

The vegetarian diet omits foods derived from animal products while veganism seeks to exclude animal products in all aspects of their lives.

Leather, fur, silk, wool, down, beeswax, products tested on animals, and other animal-derived products are not consumed.

Vegans loathe inhumane treatment and animal cruelty in farming practices, especially those of factory farms where human ethics may be overlooked in favor of mass production.

As well, vegans are concerned about the use of chemical herbicides and pesticides with lasting residues. These toxins persistently leach into the environment through animal waste or human carelessness, causing long term damage to eco-systems and human health.

True vegans are environmentalists. By actively supporting a healthy environment, social justice and animal rights, veganism is committed to doing the least amount of harm and the most good for animals, people and the environment.

Being a vegan is just a passing fad - it is a lifestyle choice.

So What Is Vegan Fashion?

Vegan clothes are any garments that do not involve the use of animal products or by-products. They are created from yarns and fabrics that did not require any animal suffering or deaths for their production.

Supporting clothing that is not animal based is a natural extension of the vegan commitment to an ethical lifestyle.

Are Vegan Clothes Organic?

The short answer is not necessarily.

Not all vegan clothes are chemical free since animal-free fabrics may be synthetic; such as eco-plastic, pleather and faux fur, which are acceptable in veganism.

Technically, some products that are processed with chemicals or in a sweatshop environment could be labeled vegan.

Vegan consumers source natural plant fibers for a large part of their wardrobe. Fabric preference given to organic cotton, hemp and bamboo. for those who proactively support being eco chic.

Because vegan philosophies embrace eco-friendliness and social justice, most vegans also search for fair trade, sweatshop free, and environmentally friendly alternatives that encompass their animal-free values.

That's why shopping for vegan clothes takes diligence.

Where Do I Shop For Vegan Fashions

You'll be happy to know that the true vegan voice is being heard. Designers are now expanding their selection and supply of clothes that proactively support both eco-consciousness and animal friendliness in the making of their garments.

If searching for modern vegan styles has seemed like a full-time job for you, stress no more. To help you discover chic vegan selections that will compliment and enhance your individual lifestyle, take a moment to browse our recommendations:

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