Green Clothing Is Red Hot!

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Go Green

Green clothing is hitting the runways, not only as a fashion statement - but as a way of life.

Concerned consumers are increasingly health conscious and actively support greener lifestyles. Global pollution and increased awareness are prompting consumers to seek healthier living choices, clothing included.

Green clothing (also known as natural clothing, eco friendly, alternative and organic clothes. provides consumers with healthier and more environmentally friendly apparel choices.

Synthetic fabrics and clothing fibers processed with heavy chemical agents are facing a declining popularity because of the harmful and enduring effects on our planet and our health.

Rapid progress is being made by the textile industry in their efforts to minimize ecological destruction and offer consumers natural products choices, with reduced or eliminated highly toxic ingredients.

Natural Clothing Philosophy

Natural clothing is environmentally friendly clothing. Fibers that make up the clothes are derived from the earth's natural environment without depleting our natural resources.

The philosophy is to develop goods by inflicting minimal harm to human and environmental health by implementing improved manufacturing measures and eliminating contaminated waste.

The growth process of the harvested fibers does not involve chemicals. Eco fiber producers are becoming more nature-friendly with increasing focus on research and development.

Alternative clothing and fashion is the goal to create products in an ecologically friendly manner. Consideration is given to the product's total life span as well as it's impact on the planet. In other words, the carbon footprint.

Eco friendly clothing is created from resources that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Harvesting provides the growers with the repeat resources to earn a living year after year.

Natural fibers originate from two sources: plant or animal fibers. Plant fibers are derived from plants such as flax, soy, pineapple, corn, nettle, etc. Animal fibers are derived from various animals such as rabbit, sheep, llama, goats, etc.

This is opposed to synthetic products that are produced from petroleum, man-made fibers, and chemicals. The more chemicals involved in the process from growth to finished product results in greater damage to human and environmental health.

Organic Clothes

Organic clothing is made from organic fibers grown holistically without both exposure to toxins and irreversible environmental damage.

Sustainable Clothing Benefits Everyone

Sustainable agriculture is a renewable resource that is capable of being continued long term. The earth's natural resources are not exhausted and the focus is to have a minimal long-term effect on the environment.

Being socially responsible enables indefinite support of the entire environmental system without causing irreversible ecological damage.

Key Factors Of Sustainable Clothing

  • fiber source and renewability without the use agro-chemicals, hormones, and pesticides
  • the entire manufacturing process from raw fiber to textile using little or no chemical toxins
  • human rights and good working conditions throughout the process with sweatshop free labor and fair trade values.
  • a reduced footprint which is measured by the total impact of humans and products on the environment

The sustainability philosophy is inherent to the environmentally conscious. The movement to maintain sustainable agriculture as a source of alternative clothing and organic fashion is pivotal to the well-being of our earth and it's people.

Sustainable clothing is gaining respect and support worldwide. Every step involved from the grower to the consumer involves a conscientious approach to defining measures that will maintain a sound earth with ongoing vitality.

Green Clothing Inspires Designers

Fashion trend setting begins on the runways and explodes into a global phenomenon.

Today, top designers are hitting these runways with their elegant and stylish eco creations. Celebrity endorsements add passion and fuel to the fire by raising awareness and inspiring designers to deliver eco chic fashions.

Designers create fashionable and trendy eco friendly clothing by working with the unique qualities of natural plant fibers and animal fibers With enviro-friendly vision, improved fabrics are created by blending organic and natural fibers. The resulting garments are wonderfully stylish, durable, and soften with wear.

Our world is becoming more eco-conscious. With that, designers and manufacturers now focus serious attention on alternative clothing as a way of maintaining good human health and supporting a greener environment.

What's In Store?

The new trend in fashion design is to use environmentally friendly materials and responsible production methods. The alternative fashion trend is growing rapidly.

Consumer awareness and values create demand for organic supply right down the line from the grower to the retailer. Individuals increasingly support companies that uphold the values and ethics regarding sound human and environmental issues.

Green clothing and fashion is really just in the infancy stages yet. This is evident because consumers still have to search it out. However, the green clothing industry is transcending the limits of traditional fashion; thereby excelling in growth and popularity.

With consumers exacting their desires for their eco-friendly values, expect to find a succession of mainstream alternative clothing choices in the near future.

Food For Thought

Comprehensive global participation will, without question, have a profoundly positive impact on our future.

If every household purchased one green clothing item today, the impact would be hugely significant. The future holds new hope and promise as the momentum for green clothing skyrockets.

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