Animal Fiber Clothing...Eco Clothing Guide

Searching for eco-friendly animal fiber clothing?

Our aim is to provide you with specific animal fiber sources and their relationship to sustainability, indigenous design, and environmental friendliness.

Although not all products completely eliminate exposure to chemicals to be labeled "organic", many support a more natural approach and support sweatshop free and fair trade values.

Sustainability and organic choices mark the path to the future, while leaving a minimal footprint for the next generation.

By adopting a green lifestyle and wearing our values, we can be actively purposeful and responsible.

Care What You Wear...


Cashmere - goat

Organic Wool

Organic Silk

Shokay - yak

Environmental Effects

All clothing is derived from three sources - plant, animal, or oil (synthetics). Animal fiber has been a source of clothing since the dawn of man but we have moved well beyond the hunter/gatherer stage.

Today, producers, designers and manufacturers of animal fiber clothing are making the transition to sustainable practices without harming animals or the planet.

Organic farming means that animals are kept in natural and free range conditions. Organic farmers feed their livestock a natural diet and avoid use of toxic chemicals.

Many indigenous farms raise their animals for fiber production to coincide with their natural shedding. More animal friendly practices have been adopted focusing on sustainable fibers, positive animal husbandry, crop rotations, and improved environmental health.

Raising animals for fiber has always been surrounded with controversy and debate, with animal cruelty at it's core. The good news is that standards are being defined with emphasis on both animals and environmental protection.

Animal Fiber Use

Unusual fiber types are finding their way into our clothing. Animal fibers are featured in many different earth clothing fabrics and designs.

These protein fibers vary in texture from fine to coarse.

The most highly valued are the finer fibers. These long, smooth fibers are used in natural clothing production because of their characteristic softness and comfort. The coarser fibers, called guard hairs, are removed and used for carpeting and textiles.

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