Organic Clothing

by Margaret

Global pollution is damaging and destroying our Earth by the second. As we speak, the air is becoming dirtier, the water murkier and the climate warmer. If all of us don't take measures to reduce pollution, very soon our world will be a heap of garbage.

Every little step counts, every action matters. If all of us made a solemn pact that we will not use plastic bags in our daily routine, believe me it will make a great impact.

Last year, I made a resolution to use cloth bags and also communicated the same to my family.

This year, I made another resolution. I want to start a new line of organic clothing in my boutique. For the last 11 years, I have been the proud owner and operator of an exquisite boutique that makes clothes for a much selected market. My target customers are well-to-do, middle aged women who belong to the upper middle class society and have a classy sense of dressing.

I want to call this new product line, 'The Green Organic Line'. I will stress the environmental approach in my advertising campaigns and also the fact that purchases will help the society in general.

In the beginning, the cost of setting up a plant for making plant fiber would cost a lot but, it would be cheaper in the long run. Plus, the fact that it was eco-friendly was reason enough for me to make the right choice.

I agree with you. Clothing made out of unnatural materials basically exhausts our resources like oil, gas and petroleum. We are already running out these fast and need to hold on till we can. Also, the more we use these products, the greater damage we do to our environment.

Eco-friendly products keep us closer to nature, are simpler in making and have no direct or indirect negative impact on our atmosphere.

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a suggestion
by: Anonymous

Hay that is awesome that you are doing a boutique involving organic clothing! It's good to get as many sources of good organic clothing out there!

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