Is Organic Baby Bedding The Right Choice?

Besides their wardrobe, organic baby bedding is the next logical step to keeping your children's environment fresh and healthy. Free of solvents and residues, organic baby blankets provide a natural sleep for your baby.

You spend all day loving, nurturing and protecting your baby. When you tuck them into bed, you know they're safe. But are they really?

Or does their crib bedding harbor chemical residues which contact their delicate skin? Do their little bodies inhale toxic fumes from chemically treated blankets?

Infants and toddlers deserve a safe start with a restful sleep to grow strong and healthy. Between their daily naps the hours tucked in at night, little ones can easily spend 12-14 hours in their beds. That's why only a dreamy soft bed free of toxins, chemicals and pollutants is right for your baby.

Benefits of Organic Baby Bedding

Providing your baby with and organic natural nursery means surrounding your little tykes with a natural environment; the way Mother Nature intended.

  • no formaldehyde or toxic chemicals
  • free from harsh dyes
  • free of solvents and resins
  • dust mite resistant
  • thermal comfort
  • naturally hypoallergenic
  • absorbant and breathable
  • less likely to cause sensitivities
  • non-irritating to baby's tender skin
  • resists mold and mildew
  • allows cleaner, purer breathing
  • provides a natural and healthy sleeping environment

Imagine your baby tucked up safe and cozy in their organic cotton diapers and pajamas and tucked in to their organic crib bedding. Chemicals used in baby bedding and mattress have been implicated in various childhood disorders, such as asthma and allergies.

So you'll rest easier knowing your baby is sleeping in a wonderfully healthy environment.

Organic Crib Sheets

Because your baby deserves a healthy nights rest, tuck them into organic cotton crib sheets. Their tender little skin isn't irritated and organic cotton allows them to breathe freely while they sleep, without inhaling toxic chemicals.

Organic crib sheets and blankets are absorbent and breathable. That means their little bodies will stay at a more even temperature because of better air circulation while perspiration is minimized.

Tuck your little ones in with toxic free organic baby blankets for the purest and most natural baby dreamstime.

Your baby will love organic cotton sheets, blankets, and comforters and - and so will you.

They make the perfect gifts too!

Organic Crib Mattress

A healthy rest on their clean, comfy organic crib mattress like these is best for babies. Your little one will breathe easy in a soft cozy bed that's free of pesticides, toxic dyes, flame retardants and pollutants.

You might be asking "What's the difference?"

An organic crib mattress contains organic cotton and/or wool; no plastics and no toxic chemicals.

Traditional mattresses vinyl, polyurethane foam, phthalates (which makes plastic more flexible), and fire retardants - all of which are considered dangerous to humans.

Care Of Your Organic Baby Bedding

Taking care of your organic baby bedding will provide pure, healthy comfort that will last for years.

Washing & Care Of Organic Baby Bedding

  • wash before first use
  • use organic laundry products or wash with baking soda in warm to hot water
  • linens can be dried in the dryer on medium heat, but line drying is far better
  • launder ALL baby blankets often (at least weekly) to keep them clean and sanitary
  • always launder whites and colors separately
  • never use bleach or harsh detergents or fabric softener
  • never wash with fuzzy items like towels

Organic Crib Mattress Care

  • add extra protections by covering with an organic mattress pad
  • flip your mattress about every three months to prolong life and encourage even wear
  • if you need to spot clean - use 1 part distilled vinegar to 3 parts water and dry thoroughly before using
  • sprinkle a dry mattress with baking soda to eliminate odors
  • air out the mattress about (leave bed unmade) once a week - that means you can leave the bed unmade
  • vacuum regularly to eliminate dust or remove soda

Care What You Wear...

Sites we highly recommend:

Totally Organic
for all your organic baby bedding needs. Puddle pads, crib sheets, comforters and mattresses for the ultimate health and well-being of your child.

Essere Organics - "bringing nature to your doorstep." Give your baby a healthy start with organic products to keep him/her healthy, natural and safe. Affordable prices and worldwide shipping.

Do Chemicals Cause SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome)?

These words can strike terror in the heart of any parent because not much is known about this syndrome. The official viewpoint is that the cause is unknown.

However, studies are being done with a significant amount of evidence that the combination of gases emitted from baby's mattresses (such as arsenic and phosphorous) can create a poisonous gas that is not tolerated by their little bodies.

I discovered a fascinating article which summarizes a study done regarding toxic crib mattresses and SIDS. I highly recommend that you read it. The causes of SIDS are controversial with some backing this study 100% while others poopoo it.

Not everyone is in the position to be able to purchase a new organic baby mattress, so if you have very real concerns and want to make your baby's crib environment as organic as possible, then this might be an alternative for you. More information is available in this book: The Infant Survival Guide: Protecting Your Baby From the Dangers of Crib Death, Vaccines and Other Environmental Hazards

I strongly believe that you have a right to know what I've discovered, so that you can make your own informed decision. Go with your instincts.

Whatever mattress method you choose, the best solution is to use organic cotton sheets and blankets and bamboo baby bedding. These fabrics naturally wick away moisture to evaporate. This maintains a dry sleeping environment which is then resistant to mold, mildew and dust mites.

I'm sure you'll agree that by using organic baby bedding, not only are you providing loving care for your baby now, you are contributing to a more pristine environment for them to grow up in.

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