The Best Of Both Worlds For Bamboo Baby

Have you been wondering if bamboo baby clothes are really that good for your babies? The answer is yes - if you want natural, healthy and chemical-free.

Non Toxic Baby And Kids Wear

Keeping our kids safe is always a challenge. We do our very best, but sometimes the worst dangers are the ones we can't see.

Chemical exposure is one of the most serious environmental hazards facing us today.

Tiny babies and small children have developing systems that can not tolerate the harsh chemical contaminants that are known to cause illness. The negative impact to their health from exposure can vary from mild to extreme.

Free from harsh toxins, organic baby clothes deliver a safe, healthy clothing choice for your little ones. Bamboo fabrics are hypoallergenic and anti-microbial, but most of all, warm and downy soft.

Bamboo Diapers

What's the closest thing to baby's delicate skin?

Diapers, of course. That's why bamboo diapers are the perfect natural choice for your baby.

Mix and match organic cotton diapers and hemp diapers for your infant's health and comfort.

Bamboo fiber is irresistibly soft and non-toxic. Bamboo diapers, available from from Essere Organics, are slim fitting and ultra absorbent, keeping your infant comfortable without the bulk.

Care What You Wear...

Bamboo Baby Clothes

There's no better time to nurture your child by protecting them from unseen contaminants in their environment.

Bamboosa has the health and protection of your baby in mind. Great products and great prices - be sure to have a look.

With bamboo childrens clothes increasing in selection, durability, and affordable pricing, we've found some more great places for you to shop for bamboo baby duds:

Organic Baby Bedding

Little ones spend a lot of their time sleeping, and some even sucking on their blankets. Bamboo crib sheets and blankets are hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

They are ultra soft and cozy; perfect for a sweet dreams sleep. The natural thermal properties keep them warm when it's cool and cooler when it's hot.

Bamboo sheets, pillows, and blankets add to a healthier environment at this tender age.

And while we're on the subject of bedding, don't overlook the importance of an organic cotton mattress to protect against dust mites and mold.

You truly express your love to your little tykes with the gift of good health when you lovingly wrap them up in the pure goodness and soft, cozy comfort of bamboo pajamas and bedding available at our store.

What more could you want for your little ones?

Get the best of both worlds. Choose eco friendly bamboo duds to encourage your baby's good health now and preserve the environment for their future.

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