Cozy Up In Organic Merino Wool

Organic merino wool comes from merino sheep that have been raised naturally in a habitat without the use of any synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

Merino Sheep

No harmful chemicals are added to their diet. Instead, responsible animal husbandry and holistic farming methods are implemented.

In order for the wool to be certified organic, stringent regulations must be adhered to.

Natural merino fleece is a highly renewable resource since the fleece quickly regrows after being harvested. Commitment to sustainable farming for the merino production of organic wool is based on animal, human and environmental health.

Unlike conventional sheep wool, No harsh chemicals are used in the wool processing.

The wool is kept pure by remaining free of toxic chemicals from the farm to the finished product.

Positively gorgeous natural colors come directly from the sheep. Organic merino wool is often considered to be the purest wool found anywhere in the world.

Is It Really Softer Than Ordinary Wool?

Yes. It really is. The larger fibers of traditional wool have scales that feel like little barbs against the skin which can be itchy and irritating.

Merino wool fibers are a much finer with tighter scales so it feels silky soft against your skin.

Some people avoid wearing wool because they think they have an allergy to it. More often than not the discomfort is caused by the barbs of traditional wool and the chemicals with which it was treated.

So if you love wool but thought you couldn't wear it, then you should give merino fleece a try. It'll open up a whole new world of warmth and comfort for you.

Benefits Of Organic Wool

  • Firstly, organic production is animal friendly and has a low environmental impact.
  • Secondly, it's healthy for the wearer. Sufferers of sensitive skin or allergies value and appreciate the purity.
  • The high quality wool soft and natural, even for babies tender skin.
  • It is extremely soft to the touch, often compared to the feel of cashmere, yet very durable.

It seems amazing that wool can be keep you comfortable in warm weather, especially since it's renowned for keeping your warm! Nature created an amazing fiber - sheep can wear it all year round without overheating.

Merino fleece has the natural ability to deliver climate control for our bodies. Wool breathes; moisture is absorbed and released into the air. Amazingly, it will keep your body warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot.

Merino Wool Disadvantages

The one and only disadvantage is that because organic merino wool is more expensive to produce, the result is typically higher consumer cost. Without a doubt, the cost is well worth it.

Compared to overall wool production, the organic wool industry is in it's infancy. However, increasing numbers of organic farms in conjunction with consumer interest is a welcome development. Awareness and demand will increase visibility and availability for health and environmentally conscious individuals.

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